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Dynamic Website Design Project for a Cotton Club BD Limited a Bangladeshi Composite Knitting Garments by ReVe IT in Dhaka Bangladesh. It's Super User Friendly and use Premium Responsive Design so it supports 100% Mobile and Tab views. We use customized Drupal Platform and its 100% Secure website.

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Drupal, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP
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Project Details

Cotton Club BD Limited is a Composite Garments Factory from Mondol Group, and the audience for the website are international buyer and many Bangladeshi Suppliers, Banks and other online visitors, so we develop the Premium Website keep them in mind. We make the website user friendly as much possible. and we are one of the leading web development companies From Bangladesh.

ReVe IT provide the best services effort to make a website project perfect. We highlight there compliance and different section like Knitting Section, Dyeing and Finishing Section, Sewing Section, Laboratory, Printing Section, Embroidery. We also present social and environment awareness for this company such as, Social Compliances, Utility Supports, ETP, Water Management, Energy Saving etc. We also Design and develop the visual presentation for different data and information chart for this premium web development project. Our Experts Develop a dynamic production and manpower counter in the homepage. Put a dynamic News and Events Section on the bottom of the page, and it will show latest 3 news link to main news detail page. End of the page we put a client logo slider so visitors can get an idea who are working with this company. In footer section we put Mondol Group contact information and the factory information and address with contact number and Skype ID, and also put a dynamic latest news link so visitors can quickly visit the news section from any page they want.
We Develop a Custom Dynamic About Us Page. You can get more information about this company in the about us page. Our Team design a custom sector top of the about page with three dynamic column. It will display information for who we are, what we do and why choose us. We provide summary information with read more web button link to more detail information page. Under the custom block we put the main about us content. Under the about section we develop a dynamic gallery for top management for the company. This gallery will show the top management team. When visitors hover the image it will flip and show some information about the team member, his full name and designation. After this section we put a dynamic block for Massage from the director. This block will how a director name, his image and the message with a nice looking block title. Under the message block we put a dynamic animated company capacity counter, and a dynamic info slider to show the customer message to the company. We Develop a perfect about us for this company website.
We develop two dynamic page with Dynamic gallery for The customers and the company Sister concern. This gallery will display all the customer logo and link to the customer detail pages, and in sister concern gallery will display all the company name in a table and link to their websites. For What we do page we develop a custom, responsive and dynamic gallery for all the section for the company. This gallery is customizable, web admin can sort the section by drag and drop or put a number value for each section and the gallery will rearrange the section accordingly. All the section block will show the section image, section name and section category. The image and the section titles are link to the section detail page. Visitors can see all the information in the detail page. We Develop a dynamic Image slide for the detail page. It will show on the  left top section of the page and on right section we put a custom block for the section overview. Under the top section we put a dynamic on page image gallery for a section. This Image gallery will show more image from a garments sections. Visitors can get more idea about the garments section after seeing the images. It's make the website more useful and user friendly. Under the gallery we develop a dynamic block to show some other section randomly. so visitor can visit other section form a section detail page. 
Compliance policy page is another custom page with a dynamic table to display compliance information about this garments factory. Now this days it's a must to provide compliance report the customers. So we develop a system to upload Compliance report in a PDF file format. Clients can download the report from the gallery. We Design a simple but dynamic and responsive product gallery. Every product block will show the product Image and the product name. The product name will show in a web animation when visitor hover on a product Image. The product images are linked to a bigger and high resolution images, when a visitor clicks on the zoom icon on the product image, it will popup and show a zoom high resolution images of the product.
For Career opportunities section we develop a dynamic job post system. The career page will display all the job opening in a dynamic table with job title, job category, job location and detail button. The job title and the detail button are linked to job detail page. In job detail page we develop an option the display all the information for a job like job name, salary range, job location, application deadline and job description / responsibility. Bottom of a job page we put the dynamic application interaction and a dynamic button for apply online linked to a apply online page. Applicant can apply online and hr department can see and sort the application dynamically.
We develop a Blog system to display Latest news and events form the company. This blog will show latest news and events at the top of the page with news image, news title and a Read More button linked to  their detail pages. We also Develop a dedicated Image gallery based on the garments department sections, It will show all the image from a section.
In Contact Us page We develop a nice custom contact banner Image top of the page, Our graphics design team done lots for graphics design work on this website project. Visitors will get full contact information like company address, contact numbers and a Dynamic Google map link to main Google map so any visitors can quickly navigate to their factory location.

We also do Professional Photography project for this company and Design a Full Factory / Company Profile for the web project you can see the download profile option in the front page and the Photography Project Image in the website, also you can see more images and information in our Photography Portfolio section. We also did the logo design for this company, you can also visit our logo design section on our graphics design portfolio. Hope you like this website project. Feel free to contact us if you need such web Development project or any other IT Supports. We will be happy to help you out.

The Skills Required for this Project

This project is premium project for a garments factory from Bangladesh. It's a Drupal based web development project, so its need professional skill on Drupal Web Development. Drupal is based on PHP so we also need a PHP expert. Lots of graphics are used in the website. Our best graphics designer worked on it. Our Web Developers have experience and good understanding how a garments factory works and what type of information the buyer wants to see and how they wants, so the website is very professional looking and our CSS3 and HTML expert work on the front end to make it happen.

Drupal Development
PHP Programming
Graphics Design
CSS3 / Bootstrap

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