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Professional Web Design and Development Project For Euro Zone Group for Bangladeshi Textile and Garments Factory, By REVE IT - The Best Dynamic Website Development solution Provider from Dhaka Bangladesh, Responsive Design for Mobile and Tab. Highly Secure Drupal platform, User and SEO Friendly. 

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Project Details

This Website Design and Development project is for Euro Zone Group. It's a Garments manufacture website to do marketing and provide information of this company online. ReVe IT proud to develop this website project. We provide lots of website solution for garments industry in across Bangladesh. We also done professional Industrial photography project for Euro Zone group and use the images on the website and the company profile. We use customized Drupal platform and it's a very secure and very user friendly too. Lets explain what we do on this website.

On the homepage we put a dynamic menu use the color theme from the company logo. right site of the menu we put company social media links using social media icon linked to their social media accounts. Under the menu we put a dynamic image slide with web animation using JavaScript and a thumbnail navigation control. so visitor can change the image using it.

Under the dynamic Homepage Image slide we put the company Welcome Note and some information about the company. Under the welcome note put three key information about their team, how they work for their clients and about their network. Then we put about EuroZone Group section with a nice image, some about us text and a custom read more button link to the about us detail page. Beside the about us section we put a dynamic product slide with a drag bar control and the product image are linked to the product detail pages.

We develop four section for footer information. We put contact information with all the contact number and email address. Next two sector for two factory information with factory name, address contact numbers. Last section is a dynamic Image slide for their client logo. Bottom of the footer section we put the company copyright and website credit information.

In about us page we develop a custom dynamic page with all the about us information with nice images and product slide on the right sidebar. Put a dynamic page for Message from MD with his image and his massage for the visitor and their clients. In at a glance section we put all the information in a summery. Client section develop to display all the client name based on their location. Achievement page will show all the certificate they get from WRAP (Gold), BSCI (Good +), Oekotex, BGMEA, Accord-Alliance with logo and linked to the certificate PDF version, so visitor or their existing and potential clients can down and see the certification information.

Company Profile section design for show information about their two company call Eurozone Fashion Ltd and ARS Washing LTD, so visitor can see the information about those factory in individual pages, What they do, their product capacity and all the individual contact information.

ReVe IT develop dynamic product gallery, the gallery are responsive to mobile and tab. We also develop four sub gallery for Denim Products, Non Denim Product, Jacket with padding and Jacket Non Padding. The title and image form the gallery are link to the product detail page. In product detail page we use a custom and dynamic page for Product image with multiple Image, a dynamic table for product information and a product detail section to show more information about a product. In right side we put a More Product gallery with random sorting system. This gallery will show more product form the gallery so visitor can visit more product form a product detail page without go back to the gallery page. It's make the website more user friendly. 

We develop a Image gallery for the gallery section. All the Image in this gallery are photo-shoot by ReVe IT Professional Photography team. You can see all the section and how the factory work on their products. We also take many equipment and their operational image. Buyer can understand what kind of they can be done by using those machines.

We Develop a custom dynamic career page with a job post system. Applicant can see and apply online for a job form this company. It's will make the website more visited website. In job detail page we put all the information for a job and contact information with apply instruction.

The Contact Us Page is develop with three dynamic section, Contact info block we generate information for all the address, contact numbers and email, web address. We develop a dynamic contact us form for send message to the company easily form the website. This form is a dynamic form and can store data in the database. In last section we put a Google map so visitor can navigate themselves.

Hope you will like our this Dynamic web design and development project. You can see the photography project for this company in our photography gallery under portfolio section. If you need any professional website development project, Professional Industrial Photography, Logo Design or Company Profile design work - Feel Free to contact, We will ensure you will enjoy working with us.

The Skills Required for this Project

This project is premium project for a garments factory from Bangladesh. It's a Drupal based web development project, so its need professional skill on Drupal Web Development. Drupal is based on PHP so we also need a PHP expert. Lots of graphics are used in the website. Our best graphics designer worked on it. Our Web Developers have experience and good understanding how a garments factory works and what type of information the buyer wants to see and how they wants, so the website is very professional looking and our CSS3 and HTML expert work on the front end to make it happen.

Drupal Development
PHP Programming
Graphics Design
CSS3 / Bootstrap

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