About Us

Who We Are

We are a Team of Professionals with many Years of experience in our professional sector. We don't want to work slow or wasting time in boring jobs. We are creative and we are freelancers.

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What We Do

We are IT and Creative Design professionals. We Do Develop Professional and Dynamic Website, Software, Logo, Graphics Design and Professional Photography for our Corporate Clients.

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Why Choose Us

ReVe IT is owned by its Employees and Freelancers. So we don't work as a Job Holder, All clients is our own clients. No matter what, we will do our best in a professional project for our clients.

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As a Web Design and Development Company, ReVe IT is working for more than a decade. We are providing world class Professional Dynamic Web Design and Development services for Local and International Market. We have our honorable clients worldwide. A website represents a company online. Design and Develop a Website for a company is very important task, and the professionals should do it. If your website looks amateur, people might think - the company may run by an amateur.

ReVe IT, known for the Most Professional and one of the best website design, Web Development Company in Bangladesh. Using the best and latest knowledge of technology, we are providing most useful and practical solution on the internet. Our client can consult about their wants, their vision to our Web Design and development professional. The experts from the ReVe IT Team study on the project and make a model that fit the client's requirements and modern world user can have a pleasant experience.

We never compromise Web Product quality over quantity. ReVe IT work hard as much as possible to provide the best web design and finish the web development work before deadline, So our client can launched the his\her web on time. 

After finish your web design project our team will provide all the information to operate or update your website. We provide our web client free training. Written note with graphical instruction. We also provide detail and professional video tutorial made by a training professional with easy explanation. Therefore, it is very easy to manage and update the website for our clients or the person who will manage it. 

Our websites are full with highly expendable features. As a startup, business website may not need many features at the beginning. When the business or company grow, new requirements com-up for the websites. For our websites, you do not need re-design the website. New requirements can easily add to the old website. Even we can change the entire design of the website but keeping all the data and features. So It's very cost efficient. 

You are most welcome to contact with us. Feel free to make a call to us or write a eMail for any support or advice. 


ReVe IT Team Up with, Professional, Dedicated, Smart and Hardworking People

Rafiq Zaman - Business Developer

Rafiq is working with us as a Business Developer and Business Analyst. He also one of our creative director in Photography Projects.

Shibli - Project Coordinator

He is one of our Best Drupal Developer. Working as Sr. Programmer and Project Coordinator in ReVe IT. and he like photography.

Sobuj Anwar - Sr. Programmer

Sobuj is helping ReVe IT programmer team as a Sr. Programmer and Web Developer. He is also a professional Photographer and model

Roseline - Web Developer

Roseline is very quick learner. She is one of our great Web Developer and Designer. She is very good at HTML5 and CSS3

Nishat - Human Resources (HR)

She is one of our Human Resources Specialist, also working with our Business Development Team in REVE IT.

Asma Akter - Web Designer

She is great Front end Designer in our team. She is expert in CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. Lots of cool Web Design project done by her

A.I Suhash - Photographer

Suhash is most professional Photographer in our Team. More than 20 years, he is working in this sector as a professional Photographer

Himadri - Photographer

Himadri is most professional Photographer in our Team. More than 10 years, he is working in this sector as a professional Photographer

Sajib - Sr. Programmer

Sajib is very good in web programming. He is working with us as a Sr. Programmer. He is expert in PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML

S.K. Tushar - eCommerce Developer

Tushar is one fo the best Magento GURU in Bangladesh. He had done 300+ professional eCommerce Project around the world.

Kamal Sarker - eCommerce Developer

Kamal is a great WordPress and Magento Developer. He know PHP, CSS3 and HTML5 very well. He is a great photographer too

Md. Salim - eCommerce Developer

Salim is one of the best Magento Developer in eCommerce Team in ReVe IT. He is very expert in PHP and Magento customization

Al Amin - Sr. Programmer

Al Amin is one of the best PHP Developer in eCommerce Team in ReVe IT. He is very expert in PHP and Magento customization

Zubair Hossain - Web Developer

Zubair is very good in customize web development and Project Photographer. He done many complex projects

Clean Line Codes
Working Days
7700 +

For support / Services feel free to contact with us. The best way to contact with us is using mail. Send us an e-mail, so we can track your request and get back to you.