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Professional Industrial Factory Photography project for Fareast Dresses Limited, a garments factory from Bangladesh. REVE IT Team is the most professional and experienced Photography team for Industrial, Project, Factory and Product Photography in Bangladesh. We have most advanced photography equipments like - DSLRs, Lens, Lights setups and we use latest technology and skilled to complete our projects.

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Project Details

This professional photography project for a leading garments factory in Bangladesh. Fareast Dresses Limited is one of the factory by Azmat Group. Our goal was cover all the section of the factory like - knitting Section, Dyeing & Finishing Section, Sewing Sections, etc ... Our expert team make a pre photography visit and see all the condition of the sections and advice some changes like - clean the factory, provide safety equipments to the workers, make the natural light more available and fixed any broken lights or replace them with working one. Ones all the sections are prepare properly our Professional Photography team start working on the project. We train the workers who to pose for a professional photos and many of them are camera shy so we have to make them easy on camera. We request the factory admin to ask all workers wear good and clean cloths. It's make the photograph more beautiful and when someone see them they will like it. After done taking all the photos our project coordinator sit with our photographer and sort the best photos for processing.

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