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Professional Logo Design project for High Tack, a Hardware importer company from Dhaka Bangladesh, Designed By REVE IT - The most professional and best graphics and logo design company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We also developed website, Company profile and factory photography.

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Project Details

High Tack is a popular Hardware company from Dhaka Bangladesh. Our professional graphics design team for REVE IT meet with their management team and understand their full requirements and start develop those logos. We use two solid color for the logo. We use a nice font for "High" word and a style font for "Tack" word. We use a net shape design front of the font its represent the company strength, It's make the logo very creative, attractive and unique.

The Skills Required for this Project

Design a Professional logo required a very good graphics design skills and logo design experience. You also need to have skill using graphics design software tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and knowledge about typography. REVE IT graphics design team has experience on over 300 logo design projects for International and local clients. We understand the clients requirements and help them improve the design plan based on logo applications like online and print media. You also need to understand the file format, different type of logo application need different type of file format.

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