Dynamic Website Design and Development Project For Karon International from Dhaka Bangladesh By REVE IT - Best Quality Professional Website solution for Bangladeshi Medical Equipment Importer Company, Responsive Design for Mobile and Tab. Highly Secure Dynamic features, Very SEO Friendly.

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Project Details

The team of REVE IT Professionals - design and developed the most advanced website for Karon International. This is a Premium and Dynamic Drupal based web design and development project by REVE IT. Karon international is a Medical Equipment Importer, Distributor and seller company from Bangladesh. The priority for the website project was display the product and services they provide, so we develop a advance and high quality product and services gallery.
It's a premium customized website. We Design the homepage with a premium look. Put a dynamic menu on the top and the company logo. This dynamic menu is a is a responsive menu, so it will change on the mobile and tab view. We develop a dynamic slide on the home page. then we put a welcome note and some information for about this company. On the right side of the about information we put a nice graphics design image that represent what the company all about. 
The we develop a dynamic main product gallery for the homepage. The web admin can put a custom product on the home page as a main product. The product image and the product title are link to the main product detail page.
After the homepage product gallery we put a key note point for why their client should choose them. We also put a nice graphical image on the key note section. the next section we put a blue custom box with a dynamic button link to the company profile PDF and it can be download by the website visitors. 
Bottom of the page we develop the footer section with four column. We put the contact information like company address and hotline number. In second section we put all the support number and the company office hour information. Third section is the more link like Latest news and events, Career / job post section and other information. In fourth section we develop a subscribe section for latest news and events of the company, and in the bottom section we put the company social media links, so visitor can visit the company social media pages and connect with them on their social media pages.
About us page is design with a nice web banner with related image and graphics presentation and the page title will show top of the graphics dynamically. After the banner we put a custom block for who we are section and put the company information. De design a graphics with custom world map to show where the medical equipments are delivered from. Then we develop three custom block for the company Mission, Vision and why their client should choose them, we put the text in the dynamic block with a block title in lucrative presentation. In bottom of the section we develop another dynamic custom block with three column for their team information and their network advantage. After that section we design another custom blue block for download profile section. We develop a custom web button to link to the profile PDF file so visitor can download the file and can print if they need it.
We develop the partner section with two different dynamic gallery with a main menu link - We Represent and their client. In we represent section we put all the product brad name and brand logo in the gallery, the title are link to the detail page. in the client section will show all the client logo whom they are working with.
The product gallery is a dynamic premium product gallery. We develop the page looks simple and user friendly. The Image and the title are link to the product detail page so the visitor can see the product detail if thy wants to. This product gallery also a responsive gallery for mobile and tab display. The number of the product will change based on what type of display the visitor use.
We Design and develop a job post system for the company Career page. The admin can post jobs if they want to hire any people for their company. We develop a Existing Opportunities table with all opening positions. The applicant can see the job title and the job category from this table and by clicking on the job title or view details button the full job detail page will show up. The job candidate can apply online using this system and from the backend the web admin can see all the application the candidate are make. Apply online form also can send email to multiple email ID.
The contact us page is design with a nice top banner. we put all the contact information and the company address. The contact form is dynamic and web admin can see all the form submission from the control panel and this contact form can send multiple email. Then we put a big Google Map so visitor can navigate to the company address.
Hope you like This premium Dynamic website design and development project, If you need any cool Web Design and Development project like this, feel free to contact with us. We will happy to build a website for you or your company / organization.


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